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Our customers rock!

It’s exciting to get feedback from our customers every day. We love to hear about what they would like to see added to, and what they enjoy about the application now. We like the challenge of creating the enhancements that are most important to them. So thanks for your comments subscribers, you rock!


“Great customer service and priced right!”
– Barry Lent, TWG Services

“Before I spend money trying to sign a new customer, I do a background search to see if they really are who they say they are.”
– David Connelly, Ventures, Inc

“I am not about to bring on a new supplier or vendor until I know how long they have been in business and if they have a positive track record.”
– Leslie Wassick, Affiliated Resources

“My employees trust me to provide them a safe work environment and allows me to research and discover the real facts on any contractor.”
– Stuart Fausier, At Your Service

“If I just want to see if an employee’s address is valid or verify if their last employer is still in business, allows me to do this”
– April Sommers, Total Eyeworks

“I worry about every little thing and gives me some peace of mind with my decision-making process!”
– Gina Mueller, Gina’s Closet

“Using is very easy.”
– Kristin Hamilton, Hamil Marketing

“, is a great way to find out who you are dealing with. It’s been a very powerful resource for me and my company. Plus it is very easy to use.”
– Don Stevens, The Catt Group

“This service is AWESOME!!! Instant background searches at a push of a button. That’s the way to go!”
– Rick Dietrus, Sellus, LLC

“Now I am able to find out information on the people that I do business with at a very affordable price.”
– Brad Laney

“I highly recommend this service to anyone in business.”
– Carol Conway

“I got a great deal of information using your service. Now I can relax knowing who I am working with and not risking my reputation.”
– Alan Sullivan

“The most valuable service on the internet.”
– Cheri Thompson

These happy customers are enjoying background checks for a fraction of the price of our competitors, and you can too – sign up now!